Case Studies Cholderton, Wiltshire - Remedial Work

Cholderton, Wiltshire - Remedial Work

Heritage & Remedial Work

We were in consultation and have subsequently been sub-contracted to assist with the repairs of this old cob boundary wall - this is an ongoing project whilst we work with the raw materials and the seasons.


  • Overgrown bushes and trees had disturbed and damaged the wall along with the dense sand-cement render that had been applied, by what appeared to be in four separate coats - up to 750mm / or roughly 3"inches
  • The trees were cut back and managed along with the careful removal of the dense sand-cement render from the substrate.
  • By making repairs to the clay tiles, we reused and re-laid them in order to prevent more water ingress into the core of the wall.
  • We reconstituted the old cob and chalk that was salvaged, with quicklime, to then reapply and dub out the cob wall.
  • This allowed us to sheet over the wall enabling it to dry out, ready for the further subsequent coats of lime putty.