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We are experts that work on preserving the building from issues, including but not limited to; natural dilapidation such as weathering of external facades, excessive damp issues, lime re-pointing, lime rendering, cavity wall defects, wall-tie failure, timber decay/ infestation, structural waterproofing and fire retardant spray treatment.

You can feel confident knowing that your building is in safe hands when you choose Wessex H&R. We take great joy in our work and are incredibly passionate about what we do. By looking at our most recent case studies and completed works, you can discover more about the projects we have worked on and the solutions we have provided.

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Building Preservation

Building preservation is the process of protecting and maintaining historic or culturally significant buildings, structures. Our team has the expertise required to investigate, evaluate, and identify the type of building and the problem so the appropriate methods and materials are applied to carefully preserve the building.

  • Detailed surveys to evaluate the building elements & composition to offer the best solutions.
  • Remedial or repair works to address any issues.
  • Consultation with regards to conservation in protecting architectural significance.
  • We deliver high-quality, cost effective solutions no matter the size of your project.
  • We provide the option for an insurance backed guarantee on related works.

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Timber Treatment

Timber treatment involves identifying and addressing issues with the timber in the building, such as decay, insect infestations and other forms of damage. Timber treatment is an essential component of building preservation, and our experts take pride and care to ensure timber structures are protected and preserved for years to come.

  • Timber decay diagnosis and inspection to identify the cause
  • Timber treatment and repair to protect from decay
  • Timber fire retardant treatment.

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Damp Proofing

Dampness is one of the most common problems in historic buildings, and can have serious consequences including structural damage, and be a contributing factor to health problems if left untreated. Our team have the expertise to identify dampness issues and provide effective solutions to ensure the building is protected.

  • Damp survey to identify the type and extent if the issue
  • Installation of damp proof course to prevent rising damp
  • Removal and replacement of damp or damaged plaster
  • Installation and repair of damp proofing membranes to manage water ingress

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Water ingress can cause problems including dampness, rot and decay. If left untreated this can damage the buildings structure and integrity. We have over 20 years experience working with and installing  structural waterproofing designs and products. From the initial survey through to the design and installation we can provide the best waterproofing solution and service for your project below ground.

  • Inspection survey above and below ground to identify waterproofing issues.
  • Structural waterproofing and application of coatings and membranes.
  • Installation and repair of drainage systems to manage water ingress.
  • Ongoing routine maintenance of drainage channels and the pumps.

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