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Timber Treatment

At Wessex H&R, we appreciate the versatility of timber as a construction material and its value in preserving important historical buildings. We have been surveying, preserving, and treating timber since 1984, working in culturally and historically rich buildings in Hampshire and throughout England. 

Our Timber Treatment services include:

  • Identifying Wood destroying-fungi, Wood-boring Insects and Timber Decay
  • Treating & Rectifying Wood Rot / Dry-rot / Wet-rot
  • Treating & Managing Wood-boring insect Infestations / Wood-worm & Death-watch Beetle, etc.
  • Fire Retardant Timber Treatment.

Decay in Timber

Symptoms of decay may not be immediately visible, as damage can occur beneath the surface. Decay can cause the timber to become soft, brittle or warped, and wood-boring insects can leave extensive tunneling damage and exit holes. A sharp tool can be used to check the integrity of the timber and detect decay.

Wood Fungus, Wet-Rot & Dry-Rot

Misconceptions about fungal deterioration have led some to believe that entire structures must be dismantled, but proper building management and maintenance can prevent decay. If timber is kept dry and well aired rot cannot thrive as there isn't a dark, damp environment. We use environmentally friendly preservatives to control decay and maintain integrity of timber and masonry. 

Wood-Destroying Insects

Fungi and insects can cause damage to wood. Beetles are the most common wood-eating insects thriving off wood as a food source. These beetles have fairly similar life cycles but there are variations in the length of each stage, the species of wood that is attacked and the section of wood, in turn varying the damage caused by each insect. 

Fire Retardant Treatment

After the grenfell Tower fire, a review of building regulations and fire safety was initiated, and an Industry Response Group was formed to implement new preventative measures. More architects are now specifying the treatment of timber-framed buildings and other flammable items, and Wessex H&R is qualified to apply chemical and water-based spray treatments. 

We use products from Eco-Sol Ltd, who have over 30 years experience in Timber and Textile Fire Retardant treatments. It perms by rapidly converting timber and timber based products to carbon when subjected to a flame or high intensity heat source. 

View case studies for any further information or a look at our previous contracts and if you have any questions, or are interested in having a survey in relation to anything that has been mentioned above do not hesitate to contact us.