Case Studies Kimpton Church - Timber Treatment

Kimpton Church - Timber Treatment

Timber Treatment - (Wood-boring Insect)

We were requested by Kimpton parish council to survey the pews and chairs for infestation of wood-boring insect and provide any necessary remedial treatment.

We found strong and obvious evidence of the common furniture beetle that is also known as woodworm, that was active in many of the chair legs. One of the legs had succumb to the infestation attack severely thus had perished completely, needing a replacement leg.

We had recommended that the chairs be stripped of varnish to be properly addressed but it was decided by the church to be less cost effective.

The remedial action taken was simple, we used a high penetrating brush-able gel specially designed for use in all timbers, which is great for more delicate items and localised areas, leaving no surface residue, it is non-staining and furthermore it can be painted over after adequate curing time. The consistency and formula of the product offers a better impregnation through the small flight holes and any fissures and cracks in the varnish, reducing the likelihood of any re-infestation and breaking the life cycle of the insect.