Case Studies The Stud House - Damp Proofing

The Stud House - Damp Proofing

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond Upon Thames 

The Stud House is a grade II listed building situated in Hampton Court Park on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, built in the early 18th century to accommodate the old post of 'Master of the Horse'. In 2011 the property was obtained by a known newspaper baron and when extensive renovations were underway, we were sub-contracted for remedial work. After conducting a survey and producing a report, we discussed the heavy salt contamination in the proposed kitchen from the 300+year old fireplace and some earth retaining walls, that would benefit from a barrier membrane.

Wessex H&R supplied and installed Newton - NewLath 805 Mesh Membrane, on some walls as high as 5 meters such as the kitchen and in other critical areas spread across the incredibly historic property.

The benefit of the membrane here allowed some historic plaster to remain intact rather than tampering with the fabric of the building, but also allowing the wall to passively regulate damp rand prevent any salt contamination to leach through into the new plaster surface.

 [image © RJSmith - Reglensa Limited]

The finished kitchen, is one of the areas in which we applied Newton membrane to combat a variety of issues present.