Case Studies Sutton Scotney, Hampshire - Re-Plastering

Sutton Scotney, Hampshire - Re-Plastering

Damp Proofing  (Newton Membrane, Re-Plastering and New Flooring)

We work with local estate managers and land agencies, in this instance we were tasked with providing a report and a specification to solve the damp in the property.

The building was once an old farm barn that has since been renovated and converted further into habitable accommodation and subsequently divided into two separate larger units. In our opinion there were flaws in the design and when implementing such works.

In the sitting room we found:

  • A 2"inch suspended timber batten chipboard floor on top of a concrete slab, with no provision for ventilation.
  • Obvious rot and decay as the timber has been sweating under the warmer carpet and above the cold concrete floor.
  • We could not ascertain a damp proof course in the external walls and there was damp within the concrete slab, to which we could not prove was cast with a suitable DPM.

First we removed the timber floor and the damp plaster, injected a retro-for thixotropic damp proof course into the masonry walls; then supplied and installed two Newton membranes, one to the wall with specialist re-plastering work subsequently another on the concrete slab; laying a floating tongue and groove laminate flooring down that was secured at the edges of the walls.