Case Studies ​​​​​​​Flametect CWD+ - Fire Retardant Treatment
Heritage & Remedial

​​​​​​​Flametect CWD+ - Fire Retardant Treatment

Nr Hungerford, North Wessex Downs 

The awareness of the flammability of building materials following the Grenfell tower tragedy increased a demand for prevention and protection, predominantly inhabited buildings/ dwellings.

We were contracted for the application, amounting to little over 400m2, of a specialist environmentally friendly flame retardant to this beautiful barn conversion.

Most if not all of the timber was aged and the craftsmanship in the structural frame was extremely impressive, with some lovely scarfed joints and mortice and tenon joints.

Our technicians carried this out over the course of one day, ensuring a thorough and even application rate over two passes, to make sure that the timber is fully impregnated.

Despite the safe and mandatory use of P.P.E -  Flametect C-WD+ is non-toxic, non- irritant and non- corrosive to fixings, leaving all parties more at ease during application.